Outrage over new mammography guidelines

I am outraged and very scared over the new guidelines for mammography and self breast exams published by the US Preventative Services Task Force yesterday. These doctors and scientists working for the govt. stated that it is not necessary to perform self breast exams or for women under the age of 50 to have routine mammograms.
At age 42, I found a lump in my breast and a mammogram and subsequent biopsy confirmed stage I breast cancer. Had I not found the lump and waited 8 years for my first routine mammogram at age 50, I would most likely be dead right now or living with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer! According to their report, these doctors claim that the results for routing screenings prior to the age of 50 are not statistically significant. Well as one individual who benefitted from self breast exam and mammogram, I am significant!
I can’t help but wonder if regressing back to guildelines prior to 1980 actually have a lot to do with reducing health care costs.
They also say that mamograms prior to age 50 lead to anxiety in women and many false positives. Let me tell you, breast cancer produces a lot more anxiety than having a mammogram.
Ladies, perform your self exams and get you routine mammograms…you have nothing to lose other than your lives!!!!!!!

I would love to hear your thoughts…please share with other JILLIES fans.


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One Response to “Outrage over new mammography guidelines”

  1. livingbeyondbc Says:

    Check out Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s official statement on the new guidelines: http://livingbeyondbc.wordpress.com/

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